Ilana Lorraine brings a magical innocence filled with wonder to her music. Inspired by an awakening heart that feels deeply, her lyrics portray a yearning for answers that is both haunting and breathtakingly beautiful. Born of an imaginative mind that seeks the limitless but feels the constrains of humanity, Ilana has created her own Neverland: ILANALAND a place of Make – Believe – Live.

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During the lockdown necessitated by COVID-19, for my own mental health and for the well-being of the community around me, I went daily to sing my songs at Hamstead Heath. There I met my dear friend, Freya. Together with hundreds of our neighbours, we lived and became “The Fairytale.” This brief documentary—called Being Ilana Lorraine—tells the story of our experience.

Directed and Edited by LiLi Pizzo (Instagram @liilz.m)