The answers hide beneath the costumes of consciousness.
With gratitude for friends who have supported this journey, you’re welcomed to step into Ilanaland and preview footage and material prior to the release of
Reason Why

Words and Music by Ilana Lorraine and Ras Daveed
Keys by Mo Pleasure
Cello by Irene Ortega Albaladejo
Vocal and cello recording by Guy Jackson
Mixed and mastered by Gary Noble


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the story behind the song

Her new release, Reason Why is testament to the serendipity that lights Ilana Lorraine’s path. The story behind its creation, is another chapter in her own fairytale where Ilana stumbled upon a piano in the middle of a field at the Wizard of Oz themed Secret Garden Party Festival. She tells how she had purchased a pair of Dorothy style ruby slippers from a vendor on her way home to her tent, lighting up her path as the festival lights turned off behind her. On her own yellow brick road she tells how she sat drinking chai tea and noticed the festival vendor walk past her with a single pair of sparkly slippers over his shoulder, the last he had as the festival closed. A perfect Cinderella fit, they led her to her own place in nature where lyrics flowed onto the keys. Just as her story tells, there is no reason why. A yearning heart, a pair of ruby slippers and a well-placed piano – these are the things of ILANALAND.

Locked away like a precious gem the song stayed in Ilana’s studio for five years, it is only ironically during lockdown the song is released, being performed live in the tougher months. Performing in the open air both solo and with collaborators became a therapy for Ilana’s mental wellbeing, performing on London’s Hampstead Heath every day for three months after seeing how positively it impacted the passers-by.

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Not shown publicly before, here the passer-by captured the beginnings of the song.

Artwork by Nadine Ann Abraham